Home Automation




Control4 Home Automation Starter Package Includes:



Whole House Controller:

-       This option includes the initial setup and programming for your entire home’s Whole House Controller (the brain), and also allows you to easily integrate future home automation features for you and your family’s changing comfort and safety needs.


2 lighted Zones:

-       Wirelessly take control of 2 light switches of your choice throughout the home.  With remote lighting access, your comfort and safety and are in the palm of your hands. Control4 provides many options and adjustable time settings to fit each individual’s needs.  Additional light zones can be easily added to allow for more lighting control.


1 Wireless Door Lock:

-       With this option, you can now choose to either lock or unlock your front door from anywhere in the world, giving you greater peace of mind and control. Additional settings can alert you when children or loved ones come home or go out. These settings can also allow you to set temporary codes to permit access to people that you’ve entrusted while you are away.


2 Zone HVAC Temperature controls:

-       A remote control allows you to adjust temperatures and setting from right at home or anywhere outside of your home in order to ensure that your home HVAC is running at peak performance. This will save energy and money by not over cooling or heating your home while you’re away. 


7” LCD In-Wall Control Panel

-       Home automation control is at the tip of your finger. The 7” screen allows the homeowner to easily access all your Control4 automation features from one location in the home.


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