Construction Process

Your New Home Journey


Getting Started!

At QHOC Homes, we understand that whether you are building a new home from the ground up or purchasing one of our completed homes, this is likely one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you’ll ever make. But rest assured, our knowledgeable sales team will be with you every step of the way and to answer your questions as they arise. We know that it’s important to know, “What comes next?” and when critical decisions need to be made so that the construction of your home can proceed with as few interruptions as possible. While the information below will give you a general guide to the construction process, please know that our professional sales team is here to help you!



    It often seems like nothing is happening for weeks following the signing of your Purchase Agreement. But there is a lot happening behind the scenes. With your final lender approval in hand, we proceed to apply for a building permit (and, where necessary, a septic permit from the Health Department). Architectural plans are submitted for review and approval. Purchase orders are released to suppliers and trade partners (and with lead times being what they are, we have to order things like windows even before we have a building permit in hand). Our crews will install a temporary construction entrance and erosion and sedimentation protection and our surveyors will stake out lot and foundation corners so that the foundation crew can dig your footing as soon as we have the building permit in hand. Once the footing is dug and the foundation is installed, your home will be framed up and we’ll complete the “mechanical” (plumbing, heating, air condition and ventilation and electrical) rough-ins. Municipal inspections occur at most every step along the way. With those inspections completed, we can proceed to insulation. And your home will receive a roof and housewrap, enabling us to continue to work even during some inclement weather.


      Your First On-Site Meeting: The Pre Wallboard Orientation

      Because your home is an active construction site, we set several meetings throughout the building of your home where you can safely tour your home with sales representatives and our field superintendents. The first of these is our Pre Wallboard Orientation. This meeting occurs after we have finished with the mechanical rough-ins. It is your opportunity to make sure that all options you have selected were installed and in the right locations prior to us installing drywall. This is also a great time to answer any questions you may have.


        Next Steps

        With the installation of your drywall completed, you’ll see a lot of activity occurring at the same time. Windows and siding will be installed. And either water and sewer will be connected to the municipal system, or wells and septic will be installed so that we can rough-grade your yard. On the inside, cabinets will be installed along with doors and trim. Then come appliances and flooring followed by the “trim out” of your plumbing, HVAC and electrical fixtures. And be assured that at each step in the process, our field superintendents are conducting quality control inspections in tandem with any municipal inspections.


          Your Second On-Site Meeting: The Pre-Closing Orientation

          A critical step that must be completed before we can schedule your closing is obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. With that in hand, we will give you a closing date approximately two weeks after we get the CO. Our field superintendents complete final quality control inspections and punch out the items on that list. Then we schedule your final home orientation with our third party warranty provider, ProHome. ProHome is the largest provider of warranty services to builders in the nation. ProHome will conduct a thorough explanation of the QHOC Homes’ warranty process, will show you how to operate your home (identifying things like cleanouts and cutoffs) and will meticulously take you through each room of your home noting any deficiencies that still need to be corrected. You’ll receive a folder with information that includes general home maintenance tips along with warranty information on your appliances and major systems.

          We then turn the home back over to our punch out crews to complete as many of those items as possible to help limit the time our vendors may need to spend in your home once you have moved in. On the day of closing, you will return to your home where our field team will show you the items that have been completed on your original orientation inspection list and which items will need to be sent to the warranty department for completion (which may occur if items had to be backordered). This is a pretty brief meeting and you’ll proceed to closing from there.



            Settlement, or closing, is where you will sign all of the final paperwork like Deeds, loan documents and such and finally take possession of your new home!


              Post-Closing Warranty

              Once you’ve closed on your home, we don’t forget about you! We know that as homes go through the first year of occupancy and a full heating and cooling cycle, warranty issues may arise. This is why you’ll work with ProHome on any issues that arise at both 30 days and 11 months after your closing. This process will be fully explained during your Pre-Closing orientation. You can take comfort in knowing that QHOC Homes has put in place the processes and vendors to ensure that you can enjoy your home for years to come.

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